The use of question and answer type title for the website to introduce more traffic

The use of question and answer type title for the website to introduce more traffic


, for example, if the user how to buy iPhone4 search and buy iPhone4, because the former has Q & a type words, so in SERPs (search results) will only display contains how (how / how etc) to buy iPhone4, and the latter will contain "buy iPhone4" results.

But for the

question and answer type search, search engine will have a different approach. In this way the weight gain with narrative retrieval is the same, except that it will add a question and answer processing module, processing module, priority search word search results to contain and related issues.

from the perspective of user search habits: users generally use search engines to find an answer. In the search engine entrance type key words will often appear "where" and "how", "how", "good" and "how" question and answer type words. In the words of question and answer type front or rear can appear retrieval type word, and form a natural language, such as "iPhone4 where you can buy genuine" or the phrase "iPhone4 where genuine". The article "how to improve the keywords ranking of search engine keyword weight" and we know that the iPhone4 are genuine and noun, belongs to the retrieval type words; "where is the question word, belong to answer words. So the search engine will give priority to the phrase into "where to buy genuine iPhone4, then search included containing the top three words in the database, then the results will be sorted.

we are in "how to improve the keywords ranking of search engine and keyword weight" in an article on the search engine keywords are differentiated, concrete is divided into: retrieval type words, words, words invalid type adjustment type. This paper introduces no mention of the reader refer to this article.

in other words, is in the title (and the content) with Q & a type words, will make their own articles appear in more search results, so as to increase the website content exposure. For some segments, and even a direct hit search results.

so, whether from the perspective of expanding SERPs search results exposure point of view, or from the user habits into consideration, or from Shanghai, the purpose of seeking a direct hit in segments, we should make the best use of the construction of the question and answer type words to the title and text content.

of course, the number of the use of question and answer type is only the title of your content will be displayed in the search results greatly increased, but not in your.

retrieval for question and answer type, processing way of search engine and general statement retrieval is different. The use of question and answer type title not only enhance the long tail keywords ranking, but also can bring more traffic to your site.


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