Xiao Jun personal experience to talk about the website attack effect on Shanghai Dragon

Xiao Jun personal experience to talk about the website attack effect on Shanghai Dragon

DDOS attack, DDOS Denial of service full name is Distributed (distributed denial of service attack), many DOS attack source attack a server is a part of the DDOS attacks, DoS attacks there are many ways, the most basic DoS attacks is to use reasonable service requests to take up service resources more, so that the server cannot handle legitimate user instructions. This is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia explains a few days ago, another well-known IT blog comments Moonlight blog were also DDOS attacks can not be accessed, these two days are also returned to normal, and the Moonlight blog should be used independent host, destructive visible DDOS attacks are, at the same time his blog love Shanghai snapshot is not updated in a timely manner but to stay in the attack that day.

2, web site keywords ranking drop. In this station >

blog is "lucky" has become the object of attack, causing the site from the beginning of the day before yesterday at 8 in the morning has been unable to access the state space by taking informed, the site suffered DDOS attacks cause IP to be directly removed for room processing, then contact customer service for million net technology, has continued to attack leading to the site has been unable to restore normal access, until the evening nine pm to stop the attack also was able to restore access, but since this is my independent blog build suffer the most.

then was back on track, by themselves after several sites suffered from varying degrees of website attacks on the site in Shanghai Longfeng areas are also summarize, we also welcome to put forward different views and more performance.

A few days ago Xiao Jun

1, love Shanghai snapshot of stagnation. This is also the most direct the most obvious and most rapidly, regardless of the site because of the attack and cannot be opened or because the host itself leads to problems can not access the site, can easily lead to love Shanghai website snapshot not update.

actually I blog before being attacked, but the attack is not serious, just run out of server resources to site space is closed, and now it seems that seems to be DDOS attacks, because little is my understanding of network security, so it is very ashamed for site suddenly appeared to be attacked first appeared a bit at a loss, but I also in order not to affect the website of Shanghai Longfeng and pay attention to my blog friends can visit my site, I panic DNS to another host, but received network customer service phone said the attack has stopped technology can restore access to space, also let me escape this time thrilling, because you know my last backup data is two months ago, I also have some disputes on their own in the negligence of backup This knot, also give me a wake-up call at the same time in the data backup, attack recovery second days after the website snapshot also failed to update the love of Shanghai, it is affected by the.

First, the concept of


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