From the cognitive empathy website search engine start

From the cognitive empathy website search engine start

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but the fact is not so simple, this character only convey the core spirit of optimization, is must pay attention to the content, pay attention to the link. This is because the website search engine, is the existence and development of the fundamental, so how to further understand these eight words? Professional website construction company pilot technology (, may wish to try another point of view, from the perspective of a search engine to the site quality evaluation. And we know its not to know why, discuss the reason and intention of this search engine site weight calculation.

many people are expecting their own website, can obtain an ideal ranking in the search engine, but the same keywords below, the core position of home is so few, finally smile after just a few, most of the webmaster, perhaps only the priority ranking is a desire but unreachable dream. Long core method of website design and website optimization is good from finishing, it is now regarded as the golden laws and precious rules "content is king, for the emperor link". These eight words are very straightforward to tell us a simple truth, website optimization is actually very simple, as long as the content and link efforts can win website construction.

, a search engine why love the original

search engine why love original? Want to know the reason, we must first know the search engine business model. The search engine business model is simple, is to provide free search service to attract users to its attention and viscosity, when the number of users reached a certain scale and accustomed to using search engine, you can advertise through the business in the form of profit. You know, love Shanghai alone Chinese search market share of 83%, with a large number also brings huge profits, although the main service object of love Shanghai is small and medium-sized enterprises, but Robin Li can win this year Forbes China’s crown. The survival competition and temptation based on commercial interests based on each search engine with particular emphasis on user experience. Can quickly retrieve the required content, became the focus of the search engine technology competition.

the same keywords, love Shanghai or Google search information about on the show. But we will find a phenomenon that is actually a lot of information is repeated, if not repeat after the "pseudo original also make only superficial changes". But this time if some of the top quality and new in order to be different, relatively high content vividly search engine, will grasp the user eyeball. Remove more consideration for users, the search engine more love another reason is to repeat the original, or close to the content of the engine will waste a lot of time and resources of the server (after all data servers need to snapshot storage also need server), the key is that the content is not what special value.

link The meaning and purpose of

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