From 0 01 to 1500 knife knife my Wangzhuan hard roadA seller’s Bill why do say that Taobao busines

From 0 01 to 1500 knife knife my Wangzhuan hard roadA seller’s Bill why do say that Taobao busines

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entity said: entity shop to decorate, decoration, props ah what, online shop is zero cost.

you might object, "what a beautiful picture! Why?

I feel that the public has no idea about the "simple" Chinese word "advantage". Everyone thinks that making Taobao is cheap is an advantage, but if everyone has this advantage, it will not be an advantage, and eventually it will turn into a vicious competition.


, to build a shop, zero cost is: free copies of a few pictures, one night all fix their own wages gulp. But this situation, must do 365 days without business plan, is not open.

don’t believe it. Let’s dig it out.

, in turn, is it really cheaper to compare the network to the entity,


is beautiful or the second, the key is to have! How do you ensure that the wages of 3000 yuan to recruit girls, can help you convey the correct design of commodity brand concept, your selling point, color of the copy, the heartbeat? This is not 20 years old young young people can do it, is the need of marketing and details of the plan.


last taxi, and the driver of the sea Kan, I heard that I do e-commerce, he all envy said: "you are making money ah, and there is no cost, I want to do Taobao.". I used to open a restaurant because of the high cost and closed the shop……

seems to still remember in 2000 when I inadvertently found still famous jackpot website, this is an online "slot machine" website, then go to work quite free, so I often soak in the above. Later, inadvertently, I found a so-called "jackpot cheating device", as long as keep online, open this cheating device, you can automatically help point. At that time, the unit has not been broadband, so when I went to work 8 hours, the phone line on the table inserted in my modem. It was a "boring willow tree": on an ordinary weekday afternoon, I hung on the jackpot as usual and drove out. Did not expect to return to the company, he received 2 letters let me mail a letter is overjoyed, I said in a DVD prize, they will be converted into $25, another letter said I was a "lucky hour Award", the bonus is $100. Not think, after about a month, I really got 2 checks, a total of $68.75 American legal consciousness is very strong, in accordance with the law, they pay 37% tax, the rest of the money sent to me, after a month, check collection success. So far, the money is still in one of my banks. Later, since a netizen in Nanjing, China, had won a $1 million prize at jackpot, the site had not been able to connect for a long time. but it seems to be back now

in fact, to build a reliable online shop, you need at least 100 thousand ~20 yuan investment!

so, if the entity decoration 100 thousand yuan ~20 million, the network still unavoidable.


imperceptibly, in Wangzhuan has been more than a year. Happened to see here in the essay contest, xianlaiwushi, Cougerenao, to share with you my Wangzhuan story, not well written, please.

sometimes entrepreneurship is like a fly on the window. The scenery outside is good and the food is delicious, but it can’t fly.

, the public misunderstanding of e-commerce has been regarded as hopeless..

In fact,

if you want to make sure that customers come to your store and have a heartbeat, then you have to pay. Casually handed to an advertising planning company, the case will not be less than 100 thousand ~20 million investment; if you turn to Ogilvy, but also several times.

I can only say: any cost of an entity, the network has; and even the network, some entities do not necessarily have.

above this’s my "Wangzhuan prequel". In fact, I really contact Wangzhuan is one night in June of last year. I have nothing else to do in the online shopping, undoubtedly download from a software website to see a "super inbox helper" software, which is used today in the higher up at the same time also led to the most criticism PE. I was driven by curiosity to download the software.


, which is used to describe a lot of Taobao people, is more appropriate. We see are the glamorous success stories, ear heard is a 19 billion 100 million "double 11", if Taobao is now the United States of California gold rush in the past, as long as can make a fortune, like.

Wangzhuan, saying do not know if the "boast", most of the people I want to present the experience may not I. I do not know how many people here know SPEDIA, remember, Cashfiesta, these two sites, is not estimated much. Yes, when the two original site I have done, which is SPEDIA I seriously took 10 months to achieve 30 knife but a lot of people with cheating software linked by numerous K account, but I insisted not to cheat, but later did not receive the check this account when I last year seems to have log in, why did not receive checks may be because the move, after they have to give up.


is the main cost: early creative planning, photography, graphic design, art shop late.

one, gold in the desert?


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