Guess Shanghai dragon VP short time on the front page with the webmaster about fame

Guess Shanghai dragon VP short time on the front page with the webmaster about fame

it is because of such fame, so we have a large fan, a fan is a user group web site. I believe this is his most fundamental reason to make up the ranking, Shanghai dragon training once launched, many people are concerned. I remember the beginning not to the first, no two days to first. You know.

Shanghai dragon VIP with an extremely simple single page of the Shanghai dragon training in this competition is fierce words do love Shanghai first, a website in November 21st is included, but just a few days of love ranking first in Shanghai, cause the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix may have a little understanding of subversion the. Do a single page Taobao guest friends all know very single page marketing, but do not have a good ranking potential. In two sites of Shanghai dragon training sector net strange case, before the net strange two site is a single home page, but there are a lot of pages. First he put on the website, and then change the version, but because of too much advertising, single user wants to know the content of too little and significant, although the ranking also lasted for several months, but one can not escape the fate of being right down.

At present, Shanghai

love happens, I think Shanghai is trying to answer directly to the user, allowing users to find it in a much shorter time to think of something. Because give home also requires the user to make a two choice in the station, if can be given directly in the page, the user can use less time to find the content you want it. So like the Shanghai dragon VIP single page will have the opportunity to participate in the ranking, but also have such a good ranking. Of course, I think this website ranking the biggest reason should be concerned with the webmaster fame, because the content and links, this site is not the most powerful Shanghai dragon training field. But fame is definitely Shanghai dragon Dean level figures, 02 years engaged in the website operation, one of the founder of stone interaction, wheat bags online marketing (in charge of the wheat bag to cut the flow of Taobao about one million), founder of BSG, often with internal engineers love Shanghai communication, get first-hand information. These titles are not let each Er look at the Shanghai dragon.

VIP is the site of Shanghai dragon Xuan, a very short time to do, and this is also not a single link, the page is very pure. Only a few days before the added two links, one is recommended reading, one is his own description. Of course, it is absolutely necessary for the user experience, or you such a simple single page. A user can look in the end, and no new content updates, this is to keep the user. The user first time will not come again for the second time, now I believe he would write some articles from time to time to update the content. Of course, this website ranked up there is an important reason why I think about love is with some of Shanghai’s algorithm. Recently we see a page in the ZAC was also the Shanghai dragon training this word do love Shanghai home, in fact in this case, Google see more. It is the home page and the content page ranking ability.


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