Analysis of enterprise how to carry out routine maintenance and will stand with Shanghai Dragon

Analysis of enterprise how to carry out routine maintenance and will stand with Shanghai Dragon

second, enterprise website construction, and not to indulge in self-admiration, but to the website out, let more people understand and familiar with. So we need to build a chain to promote their own website, but also to actively and relevant websites, especially peer website for friends of the chain, can not because the enemy is the same on each shield, laosibuxiangwanglai, in the Internet world is clearly inappropriate, because the Internet has harmed us the problem, if the industry is one of enterprises there is a huge problem, it will have a negative impact on the entire industry. But if you connect a chain of websites with high quality, then according to the principle of the same love Birds of a feather flock together., Shanghai search engine recognition, and will be given a higher ranking.

the daily maintenance work and optimize the effective combination of Shanghai dragon is very important, so according to Shanghai dragon optimization thought to carry out daily maintenance, can help to enhance the website ranking, specific can proceed from the following:

But the

we know that in the Internet era, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to their site construction and operation, compared with the previous years, business leaders have paid more attention to, for the operation of the site was back, after the success in the construction of enterprise website, hundreds of years without a content update, but also very common. Although at present, this problem still exists, but it is not universal, is only part of the problem, more and more enterprises begin to daily maintenance and operation began to pay attention to.

daily maintenance of many enterprises also very early, just update the product photos, plus a simple description, and the enterprise is in some industries online reprint the news on the internal content rarely, causing the site maintenance effect is not big, it will also have a significant negative impact on the enterprise the ranking of the site, a lot of business operations for many years, but only through the site command to search the website, the website is almost no ranking.

first, change the content of the maintenance strategy, innovation of enterprise internal news update. We know that no matter what kind of business, there will be all kinds of things, we must not let the content of the enterprise have become tall, if there are some chores, we can also record, open a separate column on the website, such as enterprise culture, to increase the content of the enterprise. You can even put this column under the article provides relevant comments, so that every piece of content below are related to the comments, which reflects the interaction and staff, but also can enhance weight content included, and then contribute to the search engine.

third, improve site security level and user experience. The security level is high, the user experience will be higher, the enterprise website will often have a lot of important information, and as content increasing, if the security is not guaranteed, will bring the risk of data loss, it is difficult to open the website. This need in the website space, install the security software.


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