The domain name opened 29 days later how personal blog website weight from 0 to 1

The domain name opened 29 days later how personal blog website weight from 0 to 1

link building optimization. Although the author and other personal blog site exchange chain, but with the help of several long kept blogs, coupled to the A5 high weight site site soft Wen submitting, after updating the first article, almost every day there is love Shanghai spider crawls. As for the construction of the chain, the author also strictly follow the content page to the home page of not more than three layer principle, because the content of the website is still relatively small, clear channel column structure with no, to build the site map. In addition, in order to ensure that the contents of the crawl, I will update the article immediately pushed to the home page.


in conclusion, although only a domain name only 29 days of the new station, but as long as the Dragon Shanghai formal optimization method, prepare high-quality original content, website weight still can quickly from 0 to 1. Of course, the site still face.


in an article on "6 months, 2 websites, I talk about the Shanghai dragon understanding and harvest", the author briefly sums up his 6 month two experience of enterprise website optimization. At the same time, the author also set up their own blog website. Get the website backstage in the last month, the author from the November 25th update date, an average of three days to update an article today, check with Adsense tools, even website weight into 1 a (surprise came too suddenly).

1, from the first title, keywords and description about. In the title set, in addition to Suzhou City, and later part of many individual websites are basically the same. As for the main keywords, is selected from the media, WeChat and other hot words. Describe the last part, the author also copy, followed by the well-known blog site description, nature will be above the key words embedded in them, so as to maintain the smooth statement.

3, finally comes to the content of the web site, in order to avoid submitting sites have no time to write the article, I began to write the manuscript in the site before, and had saved ten papers, the purpose is to avoid work and other things take their free time, caused by the long-term site not update problem. In the regular update of the original content, the author of the article about the current internet hotspot was successfully included. For example, the following three pieces of content, not only the content followed by hot information, but also the theme of the site and want to meet.

In 2,

observation on the site today data, the key is the November 29th 1 thesaurus, the snapshot index was only 3, fell in love with the sea, included the amount of not more than 5. At the same time, because the new blog website, free time is limited and the author does not exchange Links for website. Here, must have the webmaster friends to ask, this station can also reach the weight of 1? In this regard, combining optimization and update the practice, give their own understanding and analysis.



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