Shanghai dragon blog promotion articles not ranking You can do promotion through these channels

Shanghai dragon blog promotion articles not ranking You can do promotion through these channels


for Shanghai dragon blog article, to ensure the quality of this kind of channel is not love, the general technical article rigid, users do not love, therefore, after the foundation of the paper do more, write their own views, with case, the Shanghai dragon article is very easy to pass the examination, a lot of people always complain about can’t write the original article, in fact you are afraid to write his own thoughts, Shanghai dragon.

is the Shanghai dragon blog novice to do the most to worry about, my optimization technology is not in place, do not go up how to do? Make up do not flow? But I hope you think about it, what is the purpose of the rankings? Is the exposure rate and flow? Get traffic mode is too much the key lies in the individual, executive force, take the Cen Huiyu blog for example, not very good rankings, traffic is not very high, the weight is not very high, but the real flow estimation only I know, at least 150IP every day, can see below:

no matter whether the ranking of these channels, if you do not know, then you run a blog Shanghai dragon will be very difficult, all feel alarmed deep fear the search engine, website K, and this article mainly for those who have no ranking of the blog, the blog ranking is very good, Bryant blog traffic big smile good.

above is Cen Huiyu blog every day, a rank not the weights of the blog data, the data is not brush, I don’t have much time to brush data, the nonsense not say, to see how I do it to achieve accurate flow of drainage channels.


see here a lot of people think that there is no need to go on, but I am here to the outside of the chain is not simply with a few anchor text links so simple, for this kind of contribution platform, the requirements are very strict, and the user of this kind of Shanghai dragon platform trust degree is very high, just for these channels down, estimated make most of Shanghai dragon Er died in Shanghai Longfeng blog, how to use these channels to package their

The flow rate of IP

for the novice, do a blog is of great significance to optimize the technology, their skills, but also for their own to create a gorgeous name card, but Cen Huiyu believes that the Shanghai dragon blog promotion is not just to do rankings, for no rankings of the blog, is useless.? the answer is no, here, Xiaobian for everyone to share, some methods of Shanghai dragon blog promotion, even if no ranking can achieve through these channels to achieve promotion and make money.

said the high point is: the article submission.

Shanghai dragon

principle is very simple, that is: a simple chain.

1. blog to write some quality of the original article, lay a good foundation for




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