The actual analysis of the blog wheel chain awesome OR chicken ribs

The actual analysis of the blog wheel chain awesome OR chicken ribs

because of the limited time only on the above two ways of chain wheel were tested for the test, although only have tentative attitude but still want to dig out the chain blog the most effective approach. Communicate with the following individuals that best blog the chain strategy:


I do not know when the blog chain in Shanghai quietly Shengxi dragon industry, some people applauded the lack of some sniff at. The blog chain in the end there is no effect? How much effect? Practice is the best teacher, and share with you today blog practice summary – round chain wheel chain blog awesome PR chicken ribs.

analysis results (the practice to avoid the interference of human factors)

effect analysis: through the test of nearly a month, the target site keywords increased from eighth to third.

said that under the first blog outside the chain, before we love the trial chain blog because major website blog articles included very quickly on Sina for about 1-2 hours can be included. The blog is operational, the weights can be through the description text to improve the site keywords and long tail keywords for mining also have very good effect. But because of the limitation of Blog search engine included, now the poor quality of the contents of the article almost is not included, even if the quality is good but you with links either draw text link or pure URL links are all not included (others included slow is about 1 months or so, I will give a detailed analysis the chain blog) whether we still use value, the so-called blog chain whether there is effective in the legend of

or above by the blog wheel chain, this paper also adopted the mode of two wheel chain. The change is the text with the round chain strategy, that is.

D E, this test is used in all the way round the chain blog A-B… -E-A, with 6 different blog structure.

effect analysis: can’t take the draw of the text of the article is not included, but in terms of speed really flattered. Although the text has great effect to enhance the ranking but the forum signature can also achieve such results as a text description of the blog chain even less weight and high export link but whether it is worthwhile to try to use

?The following


mode: Six blog website is updated daily and keep well when constructing blog in the chain through Links way for site weight transfer. Update the article for keywords related articles and the chain structure, content acquisition and pseudo original content and without any link to the target site.

The ? blog chain

mode two: Six blog updated articles, article -E article -A the way round chain construction by A -B, which the article… The keywords description text to the target site.


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