Sharing sites from entering into Shanghai sandbox out of love of this experience

Sharing sites from entering into Shanghai sandbox out of love of this experience

3, the old station, a substantial revision and search engine in a sandbox test;

2, outside the chain, keeping the number of the chain and did not enter the sandbox like, not too much hair of the chain, is still stable and diversification of the chain, such as forum posts, submitted to the soft and so on. In the relatively high weight of the platform. Every day, without interruption. >

3, the structure of each page all change. Can be said to be a very big revision.

2, page URL address rewriting;

2, the old station, lots of junk collecting the contents of lead is K and enter the sandbox;

I of the station is not new nor old station, the domain name for 1 years, the general weight, usually overnight snapshot, the day included. The main keywords before the 20 general ranking, because a substantial revision in March 10th, replacing the site procedures, because the amount of data, the method of changing the program is the old station station data instead of database conversion, the result is:

1 new sites, weight is not high, easy to be put into the sandbox test;

remember very clearly, March 26th love Shanghai big update, have entered a small love Shanghai sandbox, all the keywords ranking are not a Not the least trace was found., into the top 100, the feeling is not put me in the sandbox, realized in the next day the station of Shanghai in search of love the engine will have little traffic, in fact in the past few days into the sandbox, the daily flow of love from the sea but 10IP, for a love can only rely on the sea to the flow station, this is equivalent to the fasting food. But don’t leave it, otherwise it will be more difficult to get out of the sandbox, work must continue. In April 1st is April Fool’s day Shanghai station out of the sandbox, updates, talk about the experience.

4, other reasons;

enter the sandbox of the day, is the test of the beginning, so this time should do more work on the content and links. Main:

7 days

first, why love Shanghai will enter the

usually enter the sandbox are:


1, the website structure change;

1 Contents: daily updated content is not much, 10 to 20 or so, some of the original, pseudo original, the relative increase of the original level. Every day, without interruption.

website, love Shanghai did not respond quickly, in March 12th, a collection of new collection content (because URL is different as the new content, in fact or station content), the snapshot is still relatively new, then the snapshot stays in March 19th, ranking has not changed, until the March 26th update when placed in the sandbox. Is the snapshot included normal, normal, no ranking.



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