Six what application analysis in the station optimization

Six what application analysis in the station optimization


we will now choose the production chain sites, forums, blog or other portal sites, we choose the most suitable chain type good release in what place, can not find other ways of the release of the chain. The relevant section of soft release is the best place in the apartment layout some door website, of course, can also be posted on the forums and blogs, have good influence, the premise is that you have a good editor.




we all know the chain stability is very important, so we choose the best fixed time to do, also want to consider what a good time to maximize the effect of the chain. I think the target user habits, can help you find a more accurate release time.

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do choose the types of chain, we should think about why choose this chain, the chain where the advantages, can achieve what kind of effect. There are many advantages like soft, such as low cost, transfer rate is relatively high, the chain of good quality and so on, to improve the website ranking promotion and brand are of great help.


the first thing we need to do what the station optimization considerations, is to buy the chain, or self built high quality of the chain, or can be done at the same time? Start outside the station before optimization, we first have to choose what kind of good to do outside the chain, such as soft wen.

personnel, what employee for the job, other staff is not qualified, what should the task assigned to who. Think about the staff’s personality, and make a decision.

six what analysis method is also called 5W1H method is a simple and effective analysis method. As the name implies six what analysis method can be divided into six aspects, respectively is why, what, where, when, who and how. The blue and white ink with discussion about application of six what analysis method in the station optimization in.

how to do? How to write the soft? What type, should pay attention to the details of what these problems are to be considered. Finally, summed up a set of feasible optimization method.

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six what analysis method is used in the station optimization in temporarily here, although somewhat clumsy, but it is simple and effective. Blue and white ink simply to propose a reference, are interested can make a table, more make a point of their own, and then slowly screening, to identify a set of optimization method is the most suitable for your website from.

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