The value of a single page of website optimization

The value of a single page of website optimization

first, as much as possible to increase the number of users interested in

Third, pay attention to the quality of their own

this is a very important content. How to increase the added value, the quality depends on the. If the original word, we must pay attention to the value of the original, because must conform to the standards of search engine; if it is reproduced from the words, also pay attention to the quality of the articles of. The value of content plays an important role in the page earnings, reproduced in time, should also consider whether to increase the correlation. A good reprint articles, not only to pay attention to quality of reproduced should also pay attention to modify the quality, to your site and theme are closely related, this will increase the user’s help, your page points to the invisible.

second, as far as possible the use of page value.

in the Internet era, information is represented by a single page website, like to have their own PR value, single page also has its own PR value. When you enter keywords in the search engine, the results are presented in a page, if you want to get good rankings, the overall weight of the site is one aspect, another important aspect is the value of a single page. Here is only just page value analysis.

with the rapid development of the Internet, to determine the page timeliness standards have changed, no longer rely solely on time to evaluate, but through three aspects: the first is the user group whether there will be a surge in the situation, if there is an event, the information on the site, visitors will also surge. Second of the events reported whether the Internet appeared surge situation, if the content is not as like as two peas does not matter, as long as this event can be counted. The third is the site of surge frequency, it depends on the timeliness of reports, if it has the good effect of frequency will increase, so in the "plus"



fourth, should pay attention to the timeliness of the page.

first understand the number of users interested in understanding, referring to the number of pages in the search engine. If you want to segment words can be divided into three aspects: one is the main keyword search volume, if the site visibility is very high, the customer visits the site is large; two is the web site search, is the user to access to your website by entering the know URL the premise is your site visibility is high; the three is data traffic, which requires the user to click access to your page to improve your page ranking, increase traffic.

page itself quality was evaluated mainly from three aspects: the first is the page itself should be clean and tidy, especially the main content to be placed in the core position. The second is to high information integrity, because complete information is of practical value, the third is the element to be rich, can introduce some pictures, tag, user reviews, recommendations, so the search engine will be active in the quality standard of the page itself points.


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