Under the new rules of advance planning of Shanghai Longfeng scheme is the prerequisite for the succ

Under the new rules of advance planning of Shanghai Longfeng scheme is the prerequisite for the succ

Investigation and analysis of the first step of Fourth step

2, competing on the opponent’s resource platform is that you can choose.



clothing". We can see a result, as shown below, this map shows promotion of our competitors are fierce, does not mean that we will lose the market, just to adjust their strategic direction of our time.

, content selection is a most can not be ignored, especially now love Shanghai update algorithm, more can not ignore this one. Love is now Shanghai algorithm is especially important for content. The network and the network said: "a website only two is the only reason for search engine value." And it is the one and only part of the key construction site. So remember the original content, also does not lose importance, can see.

The second step,

, the market is a very important step, every project needs to know the overall market? How competitors? Because only we know the market changes, analysis of their product positioning, we can find the breakthrough point of the new project; we may encounter the following situations when analyzing the competitors:

, resource selection is the last step in advance, if >

(simple planning four steps)

is a website optimization Shanghai dragon successful premise must be advance planning scheme of Shanghai dragon. However, in fact, is unlikely, because most of the site personnel before considering the optimization in Shanghai Longfeng construction site, which resulted in a failure of the project. Therefore, in the website before the line should be prepared in advance to the strategy to implement it. Let it choose what keywords, what kind of title, how to write the description before, we have to do some work; the net and the net today (www.webyuweb贵族宝贝) exclusive and share usually not seen Shanghai dragon confidential documents, this document is the net and the net flat in Shanghai Longfeng project will go process:

, the 3 competitors chose the market, we should be how to operate.

technology is also very important, at present, the network market to join Cibuqi, some programs may become your way of Shanghai Longfeng project; however, considering the technical problems in advance, Shanghai dragon before optimization considering these details can avoid this disaster, also consider the user experience for the program selection, overall layout, graphic design aspects to check, the project may will be more of a success.

Third step

, 1 competitors selected special keywords, but also has a high value of these keywords.

We first look at a map:

4, competitors have their own weaknesses, it is your place to dig.

For example, we search: "


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