Shanghai Longfeng to long term development please stay away from the gray industry

Shanghai Longfeng to long term development please stay away from the gray industry

12:52:44 Zhu Weikun: then

A 12:54:52 Shanghai Dragon: I said to help me recover, then give you the money, he said no, by

12:53:45 Zhu Weikun: then don’t

A 12:51:59: Shanghai dragon brother hurry, my website was hacked, the hacker threat was


12:54:12 Zhu Weikun: he let you hit 100, the next time, he will be more

A 12:54:22: Shanghai dragon

A 12:53:57: the Shanghai dragon is the customer’s station, made a half a year.

The author intends this title in

12:55:21 Zhu Weikun: you ask him to help you restore it, let you see, he has the ability to restore

A 12:53:02: to Shanghai dragon I hit 100 to it, to help me restore the site, site data are deleted.


a lot of today’s Shanghai dragon people to seek expedience, and to pick up some grey industry websites like this, of course, on the other hand, the gray list industry price really is much higher than the formal sector, the Shanghai dragon one of these grey industry website, is to a high profit, in their the eyes did not expect long-term two words.


Zhu Weikun: 12:54:22 is now 100, niudao. Do you think he so much energy, just to do the 100

at noon today, there is a friend of the Shanghai dragon website was hacked, so he consulted my two brothers (Zhu Weikun teacher), the original dialogue is as follows: (in order to protect the privacy of the brother, his name was A

12:56:09 Zhu Weikun: you this station is gray, so they conclude that you are not the police.

A 12:55:30 Shanghai Dragon: Well, yes, I ask.

my title is Shanghai dragon to long-term development, please stay away from the gray industry. Seemingly water, but has profound meaning, here I will explain, what is called gray industry.

, actually want to have a lot, because around the dialogue to extend, but Liu Yufan cannot luankan a turn up, so think of it, thinking is limited, can only use the term as the theme of grey. Now.

gray industry popular to say, is that many in the legal edge of legal and illegal trade is not very.

is like the friend, pick up a grey Ouxinlixue website, website optimization ranking.



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