Shanghai Longfeng customers you shouldn’t worry for these problems

Shanghai Longfeng customers you shouldn’t worry for these problems

gehangrugeshan, a point of this saying was right. Recently, after Wang Shifan answered some Shanghai Longfeng inquiries from customers, the emperor became a roar.

1. Shanghai dragon can help website promotion out of our company, it improve the performance of our company

We suggest that

example: star company could not put the pressure in the treasure of a star body, the company will certainly more mining some stars, also need this kind of stars led the entire operation of the company. Perhaps, after a period of time, found a second star with great potential, company training and promotion, to create a new generation of stars. In this way, it is the two popular superstar ensure this star company’s operation, the possibility of failed companies will be greatly reduced.

example: ordinary people want to be a star, you must start from professional knowledge, such as singing, imitation, instruments and so on, if you start a comprehensive study, to learn everything, believe that they are proficient in. To grasp the two aspects of professional knowledge, a more profound, the other side is easy entry, >

?Of course the

is, if the first customers, do 2 words (the main keywords and long tail keywords), if 2 words are on the home page, you can through the customer advisory capacity and traffic statistics to decide whether to continue to optimize the website keywords on the page, not only on the 2 page keywords to pull the entire company on the network of sales, this is not possible, is not rational. As for how to plan website optimization steps and number of keywords, needs to consider the company’s own situation and listen to the advice of professional website optimization.

2. is our first cooperation, select the number of keywords, and choose what kind of keywords is better?

so, then Wang Shifan will come out, summed up their own questions before hand, to facilitate future customer consultation; on the other hand, for some new orders for convenient Shanghai dragon.

. But Wang Shifan needs to be reminded that Shanghai dragon is only part of the network marketing, we suggest that you should not take the network marketing effort all put in Shanghai Longfeng this, otherwise want bigger disappointment. It is recommended to Shanghai dragon as the main means of promotion, then drive employees to do some free promotion methods, such as product (love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai Library Blog) promotion, classified information network, B2B website and so on.


roar emperor cannot roar, only in private, because we are facing their God – Shanghai dragon customers must come up with very patiently for them to answer Shanghai Longfeng problem, even if the problem again, childish funny, is not Shanghai Longfeng customers wrong, because they have not done this line.


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