Please grasp this year ahead of the competition in good time

Please grasp this year ahead of the competition in good time

today is the beginning of the four month of La, the footsteps getting closer and closer to us, the company colleagues better heart has to fly home to the new year. About the webmaster how to celebrate the new year, I do not say we all know, the master is no holidays, no rest forced occupation, want to relax and have a good year, or give up the webmaster for good. I recently saw some of the webmaster wrote some measures and methods on the site right down to prevent during the Spring Festival, today I want to say is, since the choice of the occupation station, then take advantage of the new year this great time will be competitors behind.

two: keep the

During the Spring Festival in

four: after the inspection of

website optimization some of the most conventional method, we know, here is not to dwell on, during the Spring Festival is best to spend one to two hours of time to deal with, like these can be taken in advance to update the article, wrote a dozen articles well retained in the new year period can be updated directly in the background. Or some background program can set the time to publish content, so it can ensure the normal update.

is not the website optimization or do network marketing, soft Wen has been a very awesome, so during the Spring Festival, the forum or is the chain of B2B can be ignored, unnecessary sacrifice fun time and effort in these boring place, please look for the method of soft paper. I believe that, like the A5 platform, to contribute to the Spring Festival people will be less a lot, they also need to update the web site, if you can keep the journal during this period, the rate will be improved a lot than usual. What, no time to write text, this is real, then can be written in advance if there is no spare time and inspiration to write, spend some money, please text writers are helping you (of course, the price will certainly be expensive), believe that one day the one or two high quality soft foot can take you beyond the competitors in half a month.

new year, have a long vacation, the site optimization personnel also home to the new year business, website will be in a vacuum period in no new No one shows any interest in the increase, the chain is not updated, more important is the year we are busy visiting relatives and friends, the Internet is less, website a sudden drop in the flow rate, which is not in conformity with the rules of search engine, so in the ten days of the holiday, if you can keep the normal website updating and maintenance, not only can keep the current ranking, but also a step forward. In contrast, their counterparts, on the site if it, will be down the right search engine’s processing, etc. over the years also need some time to recover. Therefore, this is a very rare opportunity, as a webmaster must not pass.

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please grasp this beyond the opponent’s best opportunity for

conventional optimization method

three: soft

: a rare opportunity, only once a year


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