Ren Jiang the internal and external factors on the influence of the website ranking

Ren Jiang the internal and external factors on the influence of the website ranking

is the last bit of each page of the article recommended the transfer of random articles, especially for the very large amount of website, this is beneficial to the spider crawling, and each update page, update the article will be attached to the inside pages of content, the snapshot will be updated faster, on the web log should all know, if found content does not change it will return 200064 of the state of the spider crawling, grabbing is successful, but no new content; moreover the article list page suggested jumping page form, such as paging: "home 123… 101112… End", the benefits of doing so is to let the spider to grab more pages, if you want the spider climb from the first page to the last page, estimation is not too realistic.

and it is worth noting that in the chain and TAG tags, TAG tags in Google’s ranking has been relatively good I believe we all know, the reason with the above said similar topics, because of the correlation and the keyword density is higher, so the ranking will be better, in each of the TAG tags will have a text description, so the weight of multiple pages will be handed to the label page; the chain link related articles, an article that is limited, we can put some keywords links to related articles, so as to increase the readability of the article, also can increase the weight of related articles.

first, site level should be clear, the following page is divided into several sections, each section is divided into several subsets of the directory, before it is best to do a good job planning chart to website construction later, in addition to pay attention to the column division to clear, but the level not too deep, not more than three suggestions, so good for users and spiders, too deep directory is like a maze, easy to get lost.

other topics is very helpful for the optimization of the project can be very good to the relevant website into a column look, this page can’t do keyword can be used to do the project, because of the high correlation, keyword density is relatively large, so the ranking will be better, when we find information on the search engine should also often see other topics, especially in some large sites.

said the external factors, we first thought is certainly outside.

site optimization?

site structure is a very vague concept, in fact, the whole is just like building a house, you want your house up high and stable, so the foundation is very important. The website structure has a direct impact on your site after development and user experience, so the good website structure is essential, especially for the war. So if you do

website ranking this topic is a very old topic, the content of the chain, which is the most basic, we also often talk to these factors, today I come to talk about the influence of the website ranking, see how to make the website rankings better.


external factors


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