Site more and more noble baby search results from the same domain

Site more and more noble baby search results from the same domain

what is the difference?

search Berkeley College, the top 50 search results in 26 from berkeley.edu贵族宝贝, you have to add "-site:berkeley.edu贵族宝贝" in the search keywords to see other information about Berkeley, but it is clear that this approach is very troublesome, and only a few people know how to use.



we heard complaints about a type of search (such as deep or long tail words), noble baby will return too much from the same domain, we will improve the algorithm in the next few weeks to reduce its occurrence probability.


noble baby that in the index more and more content, but they forget to make it into "with extreme ease".

released the nobility baby sitelinks to solve this problem, but this phenomenon is the rise and growing wind as you search for Apple iTunes recently, it will find the baby gives many noble search results from apple贵族宝贝, although which also contains from non apple贵族宝贝 search results, but before the 50 count. There are actually 31 search results from apple贵族宝贝

Matt Cutts in 2007 said:

After !

try to search for Yahoo mail is the same, you can only see the boring lots of information from Yahoo international website, but can not see on the Yahoo news, blogs, email evaluation and guide:

in search results show too much from the same content of the domain name is a bit of a "lazy" idea, the search engine should be provided from many sources of information, if all I see is from the same domain name in the content, I go directly to the official website to search


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