A5 optimization group to avoid mistakes caused by an accident of 301 directional

A5 optimization group to avoid mistakes caused by an accident of 301 directional


like the picture above, "after the jump code, the first thing to check is whether the status code is" 301". If there are: 200, 302 state is redirected belongs to failure, should be corrected immediately

: a HTTP query

search engine is not standardized 302 redirection website will be right down, but many webmaster practice to draw a question: the 302 redirect will be "love Shanghai" right down, although all but the last redirection, the results really completely the idea. So how do we treat this problem?

unified URL standard refers to a domain name to jump to another domain name, only this. Therefore, a variety of methods will emerge in an endless stream, reach the final goal. But it would be wrong in this way, the unified URL standard is not Huangbuzelu to jump on the web address, some jump means it is possible fatal disaster site. But whatever method of URL orientation, webmaster want to do one thing: check the HTTP status, whether to display 301:

two: the 302 redirect right down on

Many owners think: !

but the 301 redirect is not the case, the 301 redirect is the meaning of: permanent redirection, namely tell search engines this page weight I completely do not, is to transfer to other sites, so the domain name weight normal superposition. On the other hand, some URL do not understand the orientation problem of webmaster >

unified URL standard redirection of the domain name, is the ideal method for site domain name weight centralized processing. However, you as a webmaster, know wrong 301 redirect will bring to the site unnecessary an accident? In fact, in the website optimization process has a lot of stationmaster 301 redirect all errors. Such as: directional 302, or jump code error mistake 301. How to correct for the site right 301 redirect? A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) made the following analysis:

in fact, the 301 redirect refers to the directional permanent, while the 302 refers to the temporary redirection redirection. 301 redirect not what to say, but a 302 redirect? The search engine can be understood as if the site take a 302 redirect to another site, because it is temporary, so at any time may revoke this orientation, and even directed to other sites. This leads to a problem: the search engine spiders to crawl with the contents of "www" is actually to the index with the "www" page. Finally, what problems have caused? Two different URL address, but have the same content, because the final site is down right and wrong orientation also behoove.


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