Shanghai Longfeng hot hot days

Shanghai Longfeng hot hot days

in Shanghai this year from the change of love in the algorithm we can see is the most direct signature chain is not available, even if the use of this connection for the site does not help, or even have a negative impact, so a lot of Shanghai dragon after losing this method do not know how to do the chain. In fact, from this aspect we can see at a loss, a lot of Shanghai dragon had deviated from the essence of Shanghai dragon, because this means from the beginning of the Shanghai dragon optimization is a kind of not being advocated, and for the site for such a method for the growth of the chain is great to promote the role of the chain, but the more time we will see your site is extremely unstable. Because this is similar to the forum outside the chain, the number itself is very unstable on the rise quickly colleagues fall faster, so many sites will be unstable.

For now,

Shanghai dragon as an industry in the development of the situation in recent years is very impressive, as recently as the weather to which are hot, but now the Shanghai dragon did not want to come the weather to keep this momentum. A lot of Shanghai dragon after this year love Shanghai by the next update to start gradually fade out of such an industry, including a huge Shanghai dragon training organization fought in Taobao (specific will not say I believe we should know). What is the kind of situation that Shanghai dragon have quit the industry in this market? In fact, through the love of Shanghai this year several major updates we can see is Shanghai dragon became difficult to do, but that doesn’t mean to do. In fact, for these updates is not one where we face Shanghai dragon, but every Shanghai dragon must face.

promotion methods actually I still recommend the medical website, on one hand this method is indeed a great promotion, on the other hand to say this promotion methods is consistent with the nature of the promotion. As for the promotion of the website, is to bring benefits to their benefit to the company, so we went to the forum outside the chain if there is no way to bring direct benefits to the customer for the company, so the relevance for companies less effort what is white. With this love Shanghai algorithm update, this method can be said to be completely blocked, so the chain for us to correct the platform made of high quality is our best choice, this can be more directly to the needs of customers to see, but also conducive to increasing the performance of the company the.

in website promotion, can be said to be more difficult, but also can be said to be easy. Originally we need to do a lot of links, but now we don’t need it, every day is the workload can be said for the liberation of Shanghai dragon, but in the ideological pressure increase, why? Because first of all for now. "


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