Shanghai Longfeng details make the website structure more color

Shanghai Longfeng details make the website structure more color

: one of the most commonly seen details of the site title

There are 2 Title in

details of the two: the need to integrate a unified URL


is the highlight of the 2 points, detailed and meticulous, lies in this point, can be the title of the word and then write all separately in the description, it is a good description.

Shanghai dragon in the details always ignored by many times, is in addition to the details of the site outside the chain and content, some of the most important part, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is the first time contact Shanghai Longfeng heard, more and more friends think these words are the truth. In addition, we believe that the website structure is most concerned about the place, and the detail is best reflected in the website structure form, no matter what kind of details, can always see a lot of places we need to pay attention to.

writing, naturally choose second, simple and professional, have comparative advantages, but also pay attention to the important word segmentation technology, resulting in the "wholesale watches, watches sales, brand watches, watches wholesale watches, brand watches sales network, the network" in the word; description,

title is the appearance of the website, there is no window, you think attractive? See a feel good article on 28tui today, is to summarize the professional title, and concise,

requires the integration of unified URL, is in a website, a web page has an entrance, instead of the 2 entrance, the simplest is the "**贵族宝贝" and "www.**贵族宝贝", here we need 301 jumps, also makes the necessary factors, website content is only one entrance of URL and some when in communication, the rookie group, asked to integrate all sites in贵族宝贝/index.html and贵族宝贝/index.php, a system for贵族宝贝, but not the other, this is also the site location problem, then think about it, if the above 2 in all time in a web site, the homepage will have 4 entrance, it is easy to confuse se, to spread the weight of about URL; therefore, positioning is very important, how to position is also very important, some very small details can make se sensitive .


h tag, H1 tag is not abuse; a "theme of the show, so H1 a" as long as there once is enough, this is why the general home page of the H1 website in the logo section, meaning the product page of the product H1 in the text, a page, a copy of the H1. Can not be ignored, and the H2 tag is a supplement to the H1 tag that can fully explain the significance and problems of H1 and H3 can be used as the theme, "column in the theme, with strong.

three: the need to pay attention to the details of the H tag


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