Very important Mobile search ranking rules

Very important Mobile search ranking rules

mobile > page > page; adaptation; transcoding page > PC page, > said; ranked higher than.

first, through our last article "how to explain the PC website into a mobile website", we know that the mobile terminal construction site according to the different ways can be divided into three types: jump adaptation, adaptation, adaptive code, these three methods can also be said to represent three different types of website. Independent mobile site, code adaptation and adaptive site site, coupled with the mobile terminal can also search to the PC website and independent mobile website, so far in the "love Shanghai mobile search engine ranking rules:


now, the data has shown that the Internet has entered the mobile era, if not put you still clinging to the PC side, then you probably have not a qualified network, mobile era, the impact and change a lot, but for our Shanghai dragon Er, the most important is familiar with and master the search engine in the mobile search ranking rules.



of course, in the natural ranking above the pay promotion and cooperation of users, this is the love of the Shanghai style.

third area, this is the search engine in the future development trend, according to your mobile phone where you match the search results, in general, "describing the content with where you are close to the row in front of more.

on the search ranking rules in PC, although we can not completely clear end groping, but the influence of each factor is presumably Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are aware, but in the mobile terminal, I am afraid there are a lot of guys for search ranking rules unsuspectingly, totally do not know it, but never mind, today Ji’nan Shanghai dragon for you to explain you love Shanghai in the mobile search ranking rules.


fifth, you might think, the influence of fifth mobile search rankings is the website PC end result, that is to say, your PC end is better, you will get better performance of mobile terminal.

fourth, the speed of opening ", the love of Shanghai estimates rules: users click on search results from Shanghai love the beginning of time, to the third party web page load event triggered the end of it, including (network time + server processing time + page rendering time), this time a second best, one second to second medium. More than three seconds out.

second, the template effect, divided into the touch screen version, standard edition, version of the amazing race, according to your search experience, you should be very clear what kind of template will be in the front row.


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