The Shanghai dragon Er original is actually very simple

The Shanghai dragon Er original is actually very simple

on a certain skills or knowledge structure webmaster, his familiar knowledge according to their own understanding of written articles, this is the original. Take our website (Nanjing website) as an example, we are doing a website, so we can summarize our daily work experience in the original article, and this article of visitors also have the value of learning. As shown below:


, er Shanghai dragon will usually see others of the article, look at the others in the article, you can write their own ideas, agree, disagree or supplement can be a place. Don’t worry about your writing is not good and not write, express their thoughts, feelings and views of the article is the original article.

to solve the problem of the original method, simply writing and writing. Primary school when it began to develop skills, believe that any webmaster will. I will be the original method is divided into two kinds: one is your knowledge, skills in their own language to express ideas and insights; two is described.

In addition

see more people article there is always a little bit of experience, insights and experience, try to write down, and slowly will develop good habits and lasting benefits will gradually. I say to everyone on our website: website some time ago we were in love with the sea in the sea with K, use the domain command to query our website is not in the home and ranking has dropped to 100 in the outside. In each of my.

at first I like many webmaster think the original is very difficult, not willing to persevere in the content of the original site, the reasons for this is because on the one hand, pseudo original acquisition procedures, simple; on the other hand, do not know how to go to the original, how can have the original value. After continuous exploration I, I found that the original is not difficult, every day a original is my goal, I feel like writing the article is more value but also a get out of hand with write original. As shown below:

for a small website, original content is Shanghai dragon is a part of the foundation, and most conducive to the long-term development of the site. The search engine is to love the original article, and the high quality of the original article is wonderful collection is also very common, like A5, you will love Shanghai site, every few minutes a new article was collected. The importance of the original article is still considerable visible.


mentioned here is the original site for the construction of the "original content" refers to the author’s first non plagiarism, non imitation, content and form the unique individuality of website construction achievements.

Original: knowledge, skill and thought, perception of expression is the original


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