Love Shanghai to promote new business commitments out of power marketing

Love Shanghai to promote new business commitments out of power marketing


launched this service? Why

finally, love Shanghai also gives the rules content and standards of tourism ticketing industry, as shown in figure

promises to help businesses to promote the launch, is certainly not love sea after " v" a good way to another merchant certification standard bidding. Love from Shanghai promotion account, the service is still in beta stage, the author search keywords many travel, ticketing, hotel and so on, the authentication service temporarily does not appear. Want to know the details of a friend can go to the official website to see the promotion of love Shanghai. In this paper, edited by 贵族宝贝masaspa贵族宝贝 first! Please famous

promises to help businesses to promote

we see from the love Shanghai page, you must first love Shanghai to promote user choice commitment content in the account, and then to pay the guarantee money, finally promised to get certification.


how to open? source!


from the Shanghai love promotion website noted that a "love Shanghai new promises to help businesses from the" promotion ", we can clearly see that the service is currently only for tourism and ticketing industry.

love Shanghai business commitment page is also given. Roughly mean, let users get the first-class products and excellent service to get the highest price; net products and services; and let users feel not the same as the VIP service. The other party in order to allow more high-quality businesses to use high-quality products and services to meet customers, in order to achieve economic benefits.



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