Love Shanghai highlights the original chain optimization algorithm to update the following natural h

Love Shanghai highlights the original chain optimization algorithm to update the following natural h

and for the optimization direction of the chain, the author thinks that went a combined way, on the one hand, some high weight website submission can contribute, leave your chain, on the other hand, you can buy some of the high quality of the chain, such as some professional Webmaster Platform, using.

A new optimization method of

but in this love Shanghai algorithm update, the importance of the chain also began to be weakened, especially in the forum outside the chain and optimize the signature of the chain began to be shaped like a chicken ribs, those high ranking site outside the chain basically has a large number of high quality and stable chain source, which shows Shanghai love chain optimization of the determination, the higher the quality outside the chain, it reflects the website environment better, this is a complementary relationship, and the chain optimization of high quality has become the direction of innovation in Shanghai love algorithm.

content and the chain of

2013 love Shanghai algorithm update, this update is named for the original Mars plan, fully embodies the love of Shanghai began to large amounts of spam in the Internet is full of resentment, but according to my understanding, the original content will be in love in Shanghai appeared in search results. When love Shanghai algorithm change, as a grassroots webmaster is not even to pseudo original road before, or that people feel not the original road? For the optimization of the chain and how to go to be able to adapt to the trend of love Shanghai algorithm. The following simple analysis to look into the future of love Shanghai algorithm.

love Shanghai algorithm has always been to the user experience and maintain network quality as the ultimate goal of

In fact, throughout each love Shanghai

algorithm, are generally in order to improve the website user experience and improve the process quality of website content as the core, because the Internet is the inevitable emergence of a large number of outlets, for this part of the contents of Shanghai love can not completely ignore, so in the past few years that a large number of false original and reproduced the site has not been effectively controlled, resulting in a large number of malicious optimization and a lot of junk information on the Internet, and with the mature love Shanghai algorithm and intelligent level, for the site of the original content analysis is more and more clear, so in 2013 began to love Shanghai algorithm change mode to promote original content as the core.

for the innovation direction of love Shanghai algorithm in the future, for the webmaster, finally won the victory is the core of the optimization of the original content and the chain construction. Therefore, the author summarizes the content and direction of the chain optimization. To comply with the content, original content is the core, then a website how to get more high quality original content website? I think we can from three aspects. One is their own initiative, the second is to increase the content of qualified submission channels, pay royalties, the translation of foreign website content. These methods put forward higher requirements to the quality of the operation of the site owners, costs will rise, but to enhance the core competitiveness, so it is difficult to do not waste the site from which talent shows itself.


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