How to become a master of Shanghai dragon

How to become a master of Shanghai dragon

unisignflex Shanghai Longfeng here to talk about personal understanding of Shanghai Dragon Master:

is a new station, a new Shanghai dragon journey. When you see the site in the search engine ranking excellent performance, presumably as a webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is also very rewarding. But this sense of achievement and the results obtained is unremittingly determination and strong execution results behind.

is first established on the basis of the theory, is no way to carry out practical work without theory, Shanghai dragon is also true. Want to become a Shanghai dragon master needs to continue learning, constantly sum up, to enrich their theoretical knowledge, make guidance for future practice. So, in order to become Shanghai dragon master first should be learning, love learning, good summary, can sentiment.

: the first rich theoretical knowledge of

a good Shanghai dragon Er should be a person does not. He will not do in the process of Shanghai dragon because ranking rise over excited, not because because ranking dropped and unhappy. He will enjoy the process of Shanghai dragon, in the enjoyment of the ability to upgrade their mood and continue the process.

overview: to become Shanghai Dragon Master need Neiwaijianxiu, not only strong, but also to the mentality of strong, the only way to be.

The practice of any

in theory, in practice to prove in practice in order to find more Shanghai dragon skills, only through practice to test the feasibility of the theory. Only practice can find more theoretical knowledge, in order to obtain more on the basis of the summary and experience. This experience is the most precious, because he already tried.

need to have excellent skill in practice, that is to say that there is a strong execution, the only way to see the final results, give up halfway the people there is no conclusive summary and experience, because they have no practice in the end. There is no qualification to share their experience summary. Strong executive force is the ultimate protection effect.

third: learn to calm

you? You can because their rankings today soared to the first and very excited? You will because of their ranking one more night falling shadowless down? You will enter the sandbox because the site long time and give up on

The premise of ?

second: excellent practice wrist

wants to become a martial arts master with superb Wu Yi or not, he must have a transcendent state of mind, the only way to truly master, has the real master style. Shanghai Dragon Master still, to understand the theory, practice, but the mentality still cannot say is not to become a master, master to have a peace of mind, because only peace of mind, more sensible to analyze problems, to make a correct analysis and judgment.


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