The objective look cool fall in love with the sea on the chain of judgment

The objective look cool fall in love with the sea on the chain of judgment


analysis of love in the "sea eye chain"

love Shanghai only a judgment principle chain is the chain of the problem: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

think we can infer Gu acre for this view: first through the algorithm to determine whether the Shanghai love links are recommended >


world event: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai official announced in April 25, 2013 "on the chain of judgment" (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160)


judgment principle of real chain is the chain of the recommended


above two is the original announcement cited love Shanghai, aka Gu think the two actually outside the chain of the original meaning. Many years ago, there is no "search engine optimization" this concept, the chain has already appeared, the chain is generally independent from a webmaster, webmaster think meaningful page, or referring to a webmaster view in the article, feel the need to link to more authority, more rich content of the page. The chain to that time is very clear, as long as your content is about and what I write, or to help users, I will give you a link to help users more in-depth understanding of what I say. Please tell me what you pay attention to love Shanghai "real", now Shanghai dragon has been basically popularized, we are all aware of the "chain" for the website ranking is significant, but just wait for someone else to recommend, it is not realistic for small Adsense, and based on a large number of small owners, not on their own to increase the chain of their own, the site was submerged in the tide of the internet. So look at the literal meaning, is not very reasonable, but the sea love attitude must be tough, otherwise the arrogance of the black hat

love Shanghai recently before the great movement, Scindapsus algorithm of on-line announcement, now and then also announced the official definition of the chain of judgment. In Shanghai the operation of love for so many years, we have not seen it so take the initiative to disclose information. The light from these two points, Gu aka speculate whether love Shanghai has felt the pressure (360 search market share is more and more big, want to fall in love with the sea) through information interaction with the webmaster to improve search network environment so as to keep the webmaster. We then starting from the user, the two is about the announcement respectively define the link and the sale of the chain, in the final analysis refers to the control method of the web site keywords ranking, published by Shanghai algorithm and the definition of love to tell the webmaster, you need to do a quality website, provide valuable information to the users search. Just imagine when the user search keywords to jump out of the site are not related and the information they find, or filled with a lot of advertising, the search users will gradually give up love Shanghai, fought 360 other search engines.


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