The mobile nternet era Shanghai dragon baby cry piteously for food

The mobile nternet era Shanghai dragon baby cry piteously for food

for example: for example, tourism, now we can see is that Ctrip and where basically has the industry accounted for almost the same, but you very deep analysis of industry, will find a lot of space to do. For example, family travel, no company can provide good service or team travel; travel company, small department of thirty or forty people, now no one can provide very good service, in fact, this is a very good point.

after my friend and I went to the teahouse Jiang En chat, he told me:

A training course in Shanghai a few days before the Dragon

in the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, after the algorithm Scindapsus aureus, Shanghai dragon industry is negative, a lot of people say that Shanghai dragon is dead. And in the mobile Internet has revived the new machine. This year, love Shanghai mobile traffic has more than PC. The Internet changes fast, Every dog has its day.

. Boy not only, can the recent years studying, overview, occasionally experience, not possession, willing to work with you to share, just for a smile. This, you want to listen to advice.

"the future of the mobile Internet is the trend, it seems that Shanghai dragon as an additional industry, to keep pace with the trend of"

like games, live may not be very difficult to do things, and some of the game very deep strategy, these are also some large sites not deep field. These areas do well if there is a very high value, is not to say that there is what opportunity, or a lot of opportunities, see if we can find. Now you want to do a website to provide large and is not possible, try to cut a very small area, the small areas do very deep, it should be said that there are many opportunities.

I said: "mobile Internet (Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon was renamed M (Mobile Search Engine Optimization Shanghai dragon)".

said: "I love Shanghai with you search for links, in the era of mobile search, Shanghai Longfeng hope?"

I think his analysis was justified, although a little highfalutin! Most of the articles at least not as the promotion of the site, mostly road master, once up, are stretched. All talk, is very comfortable. PC end market segments can also dig, the mobile terminal has just begun, like Ali, Tencent, Shanghai are on the move to seize the entrance of love. There are a lot of people seize the WeChat subscription number flow. Do QQ space.

I asked: "do you know the PC and the mobile terminal algorithm what area >

he said: "mobile search algorithm with PC end is not the same, either the PC or mobile terminal now has a lot of opportunities, the Internet resources are highly demand of the users, the key to mining."


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