Love Shanghai Post Bar marketing can not be ignored to do three to enhance the high quality flow

Love Shanghai Post Bar marketing can not be ignored to do three to enhance the high quality flow

: Post Bar contents should be and their relevant web content


two: Post Bar marketing need to maintain

now love Shanghai Post Bar species related to all walks of life, innumerable part-time, so by Post Bar love Shanghai marketing, not the kind of hair everywhere on the Internet advertising, but to choose the Post Bar, one of these Post Bar have popularity, on the other hand, the contents of these Post Bar and whether they need advertising or web site the content of marketing, if you find a engage in mechanical Post Bar, in these Post Bar, to sell some of the price of cotton, the acquisition of agricultural products, it must not be able to obtain the very good effect, so Post Bar content must be related to

Post Bar marketing, not in the Post Bar, your site information or marketing product information is not up on the line, if it is not removed, is not able to take on hypertext links and so on, need to carefully check, summary, then you can find some publishing hypertext leveling the Post Bar, but also pay attention to ongoing maintenance, the text is not usually Post Bar provide release of hyperlink permissions, then these hypertext links, or web site links, can be used when maintenance, such as Post Bar reply in the post, plus links to these sites, so the content of Post Bar not easy to delete

and Post Bar love Shanghai, the anchor text links with long tail keywords, can be very good weight and need to Shanghai conduction love >


is a high quality Post Bar flow, many of which are obtained through the long tail keywords, long tail keywords and competitiveness in general is very small, and the weight of Post Bar love Shanghai is very high, so the use of Post Bar love Shanghai to release some of the websites of long tail keywords, it can achieve a good long tail keywords to row in the love Shanghai search results page, and search through these long tail keywords users, easily transformed into their website, and the use of these long tail keywords over the flow, generally have a strong purpose. It is this point, can let the flow can translate well over

!High weight

three: Post Bar is also a very good Shanghai Longfeng optimization platform


when we are constantly complaining about forum marketing effect is poor, marketing is too expensive, Shanghai dragon optimization time spent too long time, do not know in their side there is a very good marketing platform, that is the love of Shanghai Post Bar, according to statistics, now Shanghai Post Bar users on love the crowd had billions of dollars, is a very large group, if marketing in Shanghai Post Bar, it can also get very good results, a lot of seniors like some of the Internet, can be in love in Shanghai Post Bar, over more than tens of thousands of drainage IP, therefore, love Shanghai Post Bar network marketing is. Can not be ignored! How can love Shanghai Post Bar successful marketing


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