Love Shanghai greenwave algorithm 2 attack targets guess

Love Shanghai greenwave algorithm 2 attack targets guess

we see love Shanghai’s official example can be seen in some quiz channel to leave the chain will be hit, love Shanghai official also clearly pointed out that as long as the leave a link in the answer on the issue is subject to love Shanghai strike. Figure:

four, the blog promotion of soft paper hit object

as long as you write soft text inside quiz content also belong to the object of attack, such as certain products which is good, certain cosmetics which brand is good, a brand of products where to buy, belong to the object of love against Shanghai. Love Shanghai official figure examples:


Summary: According to

also love Shanghai also extended to the soft Sina blog as the object of attack, as shown in figure


three, the news source chain into target

2. I look after feeling a bit ridiculous. I think now all sites have the chain of soft promotion, including his love of Shanghai. Do they have to win over the Chinese a large number of Internet users, now that the promotion is a violation of user experience, this is not so funny? What is the user experience? I hope love can really play Shanghai launch help way of Internet users and owners, do not blindly fight webmaster support users we should really do help > on the Internet

in the A5 Adsense nets accidentally fell in love with the sea today Scindapsus algorithm 2 strong incoming, Shanghai dragon how to skillfully deal with" the basic content is about the last day of Shanghai launched the green wave algorithm 2 update, is mainly about the optimization of the site for deliberate attack, of which there are many examples are on the promotion of soft paper blow. So what is the type of promotion way love will hit Shanghai? I guess 4 ways to combat the chain is more obvious, detailed as follows:

Shanghai officials will love the chain promotion soft news source as the target, but also illustrates the. From the example of love in Shanghai can see a website is NetEase soft outside the chain, the love of Shanghai anti cheat team as an example, as shown in figure


1. from above the author according to the official examples of love Shanghai speculated. I think, like these hit mainly love Shanghai for Shanghai dragon optimization promotion website launched attack, love is 2 Shanghai greenwave algorithm clearly tell you do outside the chain of soft promotion is invalid now, and will be punished, do the user experience of the website is correct.

obvious soft Wen promotion



, a quiz promotion

See "


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