Snack bar tax registration process sharing

Snack bar tax registration process sharing

open snack bar seems simple, need to pay attention to a lot of things, take the tax registration in this regard, many people are laymen. What is the tax registration process for a snack bar? Need to pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian to help these people to solve this problem!

where approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the company engaged in the production and management of the taxpayer, must be brought within 30 days from the date of the business license, and to the tax authorities to apply for tax registration.

except for commencement of business registration and tax registration, if necessary, can go to the bank to open an account.

1. submit the relevant account certificate

2. fill in the application form

The main contents are as follows:

fill application unit name, the nature of the unit and the supervisor level, the administrative department for Industry and commerce, management department approval number, address, telephone, business scope etc..

3. seal

4. has

bank account

5. determine the use of accounts

in bank accounts, from the use of methods: check and bankbook account. To open a checking account requires a large amount of cash collection and payment, financial systems and accounting personnel sound. The passbook account is suitable for the small amount of the book balance, the occurrence of the business is small, and the unit and the individual economic households are short of the full-time accounting personnel. It refers to the opening of the account, issued by the bank to open an account of a passbook, the business should be handled with a passbook.

6. deposit account payment

account after the application is approved, should go to the bank to deposit a certain amount of money.

7. collar purchase business certificate

after the account, in order to use a bank account to the bank to transact business, purchase.


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