Tips for successful shop

Tips for successful shop

everyone wants to successfully set up shop, but also in such a direction and work hard. However, to achieve the success of the shop, often still have the skills we need to master. I shop began operating the cigarette from 1999, over the years, I always adhere to the good faith, the principle of honesty, never sell a pack of cigarettes. I think, to sell a pack of cigarettes, you lose a customer, selling counterfeit cigarettes, you will lose ten customers. To this end, I have always insisted on doing the following:

to prevent counterfeit cigarettes

I never buy from tobacco companies. In the process of operation, I summed up a set of management measures, is to smoke each affixed written purchase date stickers, personalized signature with light pen point not the attention of others in the cartons on. With these measures for the management of cigarette, FIFO, cigarette to keep fresh, can provide high-quality products for customers, but also beware of being. I also often introduce some methods to identify the true and false cigarettes to customers, so that they enhance awareness of prevention.

Friendliness is conducive to business success.

business is focused on the network. I shop in the countryside, I will call them according to the customer’s age, let them have folks cordial feeling. Sometimes I go to the market, some customers all the way over, I will prepare them for disposable lighters, paper towels, packing rope, plastic bags, as much as possible to facilitate them.

generous promotion

I think selling cigarettes can not be stingy, for some new cigarettes to be generous to allow customers to taste. Especially for those old customers, you promptly handed him a cigarette and introduce them to friends will feel good, so that customers will be many. Another. Every time I always try to understand the new, taste, and then targeted to customer referrals. For example, if the new taste is heavy, I would like to taste heavy customers recommend, generally successful.

in the current era of business, integrity can be said to be a very important point. And we adhere to the "integrity" on the basis of the ability to master more business skills, which for our business development will undoubtedly have a very big help. So, if you want to successfully set up shop, the above Xiaobian introduced three tips may wish to master oh.


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