This is a small price Harbin bath was in trouble

This is a small price Harbin bath was in trouble

busy work, massage to relax is the choice of more and more people. Recently, a Heilongjiang guy went to a guild hall but scared, Harbin is a few people can afford to spend the price of it? I believe that with the small series together to understand it!

3 on the night of 8 November to the prosperity of Harbin Executive Hotel Taoyuan Tiancheng pay to massage. Massage project called Dragon health, 298 yuan a. Pay day said, massage halfway, massage in without his consent, also called another masseur.

Fu Tiancheng: the people of Harbin to give me two press together, was rejected, in about two or three minutes (the room deadlocked for two or three minutes this time what happened) is stuck in the two to give me this thing, then I would say no.

pay day said, he did not accept two people at the same time massage services, such as the start to the end of the massage massage technician, he immediately went downstairs to the checkout, but hear closing costs, startled him.

pay day said that he does not recognize such a high cost, after repeated communication, eventually paid 1997 yuan. Fu Cheng’s family in the hall computer system took two consumer details. The first picture shows, the main consumption has two Royal Dragon health project, price 298 yuan, a total of 596 yuan;   and 31 Royal Dragon health plus clock project, price 298 yuan, a total of 9238 yuan, plus other expenses, a total of 10351 yuan. And in another consumer list, that is, to pay the final payment of Tiancheng single consumption, Royal Dragon health project is only one, the Royal Dragon health plus bell also   into four, other projects have not changed, a total of 1997 yuan. But Fu Tiancheng insisted that, in fact, he had only done a dragon health project, there is no bell.

3 14 am, the reporter came to Harbin Shengshi Taoyuan Executive Hotel, to verify the day of Fu Tiancheng’s consumption costs.


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