What are the opportunities for college students’ entrepreneurial financing

What are the opportunities for college students’ entrepreneurial financing

may have a lot of university graduates have their own great entrepreneurial ideal, but the shortage of real funds make a lot of people are helpless. What are the ways for college students to start their own business? Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

(1): Bank of bank loans is the main financing channels for enterprises. Bank loans to finance entrepreneurial known as "reservoir", the entrepreneurs in the very mass base". Meet the conditions of the borrower, according to the individual’s resources and the ability to repay, the maximum can get a single 500 thousand yuan loan support. The term of the loan is generally one year, the longest is not more than three years. According to the nature of funds, divided into three types of working capital loans, fixed assets loans and special loans. Special loans usually have a specific purpose, the loan interest rate is generally more favorable, the loan is divided into credit loans, secured loans and bills discounted.

(three): partnership stake in the partnership stake in not only can effectively raise funds, but also can give full play to the role of talent, and is conducive to the use and integration of various resources. However, we should pay special attention to the following problems: first, we should clear the investment share; two is to strengthen the communication of information; the other is to establish the Constitution in advance.

(five): financing lease financing lease is a set of trade, financial leasing, as one of a comprehensive financial products, the lessor is providing financial services, rather than the service concession. With the help of leasing, it is not only the innovation of finance, but also the innovation of trade.

the national policy support more college students to start their own businesses, many ideas, but also a lot of optional business platform, seize the opportunities of the times, what is entrepreneurship financing? As long as these channels, entrepreneurship is no longer recommended


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