Preventing deception on the road to entrepreneurship

Preventing deception on the road to entrepreneurship

a lot of entrepreneurs who are just starting their people, from the beginning of our business has a very good prospect, it will inevitably be negligent in the process of entrepreneurship, to make many "tricks" to.

1, do not blindly follow the

that someone selling the loan, someone pretending to buy goods, to attract customers lie, also known as "do cage", are actually talking to the customers to play for others to see, we call this approach to "sell fake buy" crooks to fake transactions eliminate others doubt, cheat the money from others. Understanding the process and characteristics of such tricks, you know the precautions: keep calm, not from the public, try to avoid passive trading.

2, strictly control the purchase of goods, to prevent


3, don’t let the other side find an excuse

4, to prevent phishing deception

The general method of

5, to do good to work after

the market often happens, as supplier of you, have worked hard to bring the goods to the other designated locations, the other is "poor quality goods" and other reasons, to the exclusion of your goods or non payment. This is the need for the means of fraud. To deal with the need for fraud, in addition to a specific, clear and fair trade contracts and sealed samples of their goods, but also the use of legal means to safeguard their rights and interests.

6, the lessor to prevent pavement leasing fraud

should sign the rental contract, set a good comprehensive and perfect rules or terms, especially must be indicated in the contract of the inherent paving equipment, tools, materials and other fixed assets loan details, the quantity and quality of the contractor, the scope of use, damage compensation methods, illustrate the way paved prepaid rent, rent is determined amount; please relevant departments to give notarization; deposit or deposit, in order to understand the proper way of interpersonal communication by >


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