Tan Yutou hot pot brand introduction

Tan Yutou hot pot brand introduction

hot pot can be changed according to the material inside, so there is no mutton hotpot, fish hot pot, etc.. Here to recommend for the characteristics of consumer goods and a head of the brand Hot pot, called TANYOTO Hot pot. Do you know TANYOTO? The following Xiaobian for your brief introduction.

"Tan head" was born in 1996, in just 12 years time, created a miracle after another. Let the media and the industry as the acme of perfection "Tanyutou phenomenon", "Tanyutou model" is Tanyutou toward a brilliant track from


The core product

TANYOTO — "TANYOTO Hot pot", renowned at home and abroad with its unique flavor, spicy but not dry, fresh and not fishy aroma, aftertaste, entrance channeling ". In June 1998, TANYOTO out of Sichuan, set up the chain store in the country, in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hongkong and other cities more than fifty city (region) has more than 100 chain stores, domestic market share up to 92% large and medium-sized city. In July 2008, Singapore TANYOTO store grand opening, marking the group thus embarked on the journey of internationalization development chain.

The rapid development of

, "Tanyutou" the great prosperity of the Sichuan traditional catering industry, and become the "Sichuan" industrial expansion leader, bring new ideas, new mode of revolutionary Sichuan and modernization management of Sichuan catering. By the end of 2005, TANYOTO has won the "Chinese restaurant chain ten influential brand", "Chinese catering enterprises" and "ten Chinese Retail Innovation Award" award. Together with IBM, the use of digital technology to create digital hot pot, the restaurant industry has become a model for the use of high-tech management.

after 12 years of chain operation, TANYOTO has been greatly improved in the brand, technology, management and personnel reserve etc.. The company actively carry out diversification, at present, has completed the construction of TANYOTO food TANYOTO Food Research Institute, Chengdu (Chengdu) economic entity Co. Ltd., TANYOTO food distribution center, TANYOTO Culinary Institute and branches. More than 8000 employees, annual sales of more than 500 million yuan, the company’s brand intangible assets worth RMB 800 million yuan, becoming the largest joint-stock food and beverage enterprises in Sichuan. 2002 "Tanyutou" won the title of well-known trademark in Sichuan province. In 2007, TANYOTO investment of nearly billion yuan to build an area of 120 acres, food research and development, production and sales of modern food production and processing enterprises: TANYOTO food (Chengdu) Co., ltd.. The company is located in Chengdu, Dayi, which is a national ecological agriculture planting base. This is following the successful development of TANYOTO investment TANYOTO Hot pot after another major chain, is an important strategy for the development of diversified enterprises.

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