The golden color of the rabbit

The golden color of the rabbit

who said that women are inferior to men, who said that entrepreneurship is synonymous with men? Who said that entrepreneurship is only suitable for men to do? Let us walk together into the rabbit girl – the king of the golden color of life, to see how it is a woman’s achievements!

prompted the shift is a foreign market impact. Home business to choose what industry? 2007 in May, a group of Shandong rabbit rushed to the Fu’an market, Shandong rabbit only five or six pounds, which even our rabbit is not enough cost." A bitter defeat for Wang Li to analyze the static Princess heart, Shandong is plain, grass, staff wages low, there is a significant cost advantage over South Mountain rabbit breeding. How can let the rabbit survive? So, the king began to seek a new way.

"I have two years of rabbit, introduce rabbit from the king beautiful princess rabbit kept, she can recover rabbit and rabbit feces. Home business to choose what industry?" Shu Jinlan is a resident of Fuding a Rex farmers. There are thousands of rabbits in Shu Jinlan Warren. She told reporters on the phone, she married couple Warren 200>


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