Shop operators have the right to open the shop to see it

Shop operators have the right to open the shop to see it

now there are many large and small shops on the market, some shops business is good, but few customers come. Many shops mismanagement, treat customers attitude, do not pay attention to the maintenance of customer, are the shops in the doldrums.

in the next period of time, the situation is not low margin, negative growth change, in this context, the brand’s market cultivation period is extended accordingly, do not consider the "brand differentiation adjustment value", only for the performance of one disaster after another. Therefore, in the construction of the brand, it is necessary to fully consider the current market environment, a comprehensive assessment of the value of the department store brand management. As a department store, commodity management should not be simply introduced, more skill should be reflected in the commodity control. For example: in order to improve the customer experience as the core, to create a creative experience area, store experience, break the brand, highlight the introduction of goods; store brand collection concept, through operational space limitations, focusing on the expansion of commodity fullness and attractive; with display layout, so that the same goods have different temperament.

in addition, service is the soul of customers. Finally talk about innovation, in order to win the consumer this point, the biggest innovation should be how to focus on the customer, led by the whole body". But at the same time to grasp: innovation needs freedom, freedom is also limited, especially the new minimally invasive heavyweight innovation projects, but also to rational lock the scope of innovation, a clear focus on innovation.

stores a lot of skills, don’t understand the business skills, unable to retain consumers, so everyone in the process of shop operators must pay more attention to learning management skills. All in all, the key to the success of store operators to win customers is the commodity differentiation.



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