The story of a single mother

The story of a single mother

social employment pressure continues to increase, independent entrepreneurship is encouraged and respected. Entrepreneurship can reduce and ease the pressure on employment, while allowing more people to tap their own potential, to maximize the value of life. So, please go along with a small single into a single mother’s entrepreneurial life bar!

5 years ago, their assets are as follows:

5 years after their assets are as follows:

06 know my husband, he is also 100 thousand, Beijing people have their own house, the other is not what, I have to find a better condition than his husband, just because he is very good to me and I have a daughter, although less money, but can take out. To me, really good to me, we have been married for 3 years, never quarrel over money. I do is to manage the work, take my husband’s words is an idiot, in addition to make money, others are mentally handicapped. Well, about this several years of financial management experience of

06 in July, the World Cup final day to know the husband, is through the network understanding, ha ha, more offbeat. Through a period of communication, feel each other’s personality is very good, you can contact. In November, my husband in the lobby, took out their savings of 100 thousand dollars, his own account, I trade stocks, when in May 07, earned about $70 thousand, I say we decorate your house again, her husband said nothing, agreed. All living things are all new additions, I have to do the stock has 10 years of history, summed up the experience is: the stock market to make money immediately realized. To catch up with the good times, 07 years at the end of December, and the Alto for >


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