Li Jiacheng analysis became the richest Chinese secret

Li Jiacheng analysis became the richest Chinese secret

Li Jiacheng as a typical Chinese achievements entrepreneurial example, his achievements are all obvious to people, is a very representative of the typical success, so he in the entrepreneurial way must also have their own "secret" feasible.

capital leverage

the financing, he did not easily expand, no luxury fu fighting, but he’s waiting for what,


he waited for looking for low-cost high-quality assets in the period of stagflation opportunity! Li Jiacheng in 1974 to buy Hilton’s permanent high hotel; 1978 Cheung Kong Tunxiang, borrowing to buy the assets of several times in his Hutchison Whampoa , a famous battle, laid the cornerstone of the family. Li Jiacheng’s timing is in the market downturn, the rhythm is very good grasp.

Li Jiacheng not only in industrial operation, more good capital operation. According to Hong Kong media reported on December 22, 2010, the long and the department chairman Li Jiacheng will host a spin off of its mainland rental property, real estate investment trust fund in the first half of 2011 RMB denominated (REITs) Hongkong listed. Li Jiacheng said on January 7, 2011, split the mainland commercial property, the Hong Kong dollar denominated REITs program is progressing well, indicating that the program has entered a substantive stage. The trust intends to initial financing of about 10 billion yuan, the market value of up to 33 billion yuan. The REITs listing plan is the two successful packaging of the property market in Hongkong after the REITs, Li Jiacheng to create another masterpiece.

asset allocation

if the above example is that Li Jiacheng investment to grasp the rhythm is very good, is a buy low and sell high (low, buy expensive offerings listed) the master. That really prompted him to preserve and increase the value of the asset allocation.


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