WeChat operating system management knowledge inventory

WeChat operating system management knowledge inventory

believe that everyone has a circle of friends in the industry at least one micro marketing business, the overall use of graphic information bombing, impact people’s vision, to achieve marketing purposes. WeChat’s circle of friends how to effectively manage the marketing system? Have you ever thought about this?

1, clear to their circle of friends to do a depth of positioning analysis

can be said that an Internet social information flow multiply here. And now we’re talking about positioning the

(1) inside the circle of friends are friends who

in the face of their own circle of friends is how to start, first clear their own circle of friends what they want to see what the content of love. You need to analyze in depth (for example: the teachers circle friends love education share, delicacy circle friends love around the delicacy but also share) for the next phase of the operation to pave the way for the circle of friends circle of friends of others released statistical analysis. A high proportion of the type of information which should be released, what taboo?

2, the circle of friends as flowers began to operate



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