Retail business can not be missed

Retail business can not be missed

in the course of our business, some shopkeepers want to attract more customers, is always easy to do a lot of work in all aspects, even if a lot of effort, but there is no way to make the customer satisfied. In fact, the retail business, as the owner must understand the ins and outs of the mistake, if the relationship between the two, not only business problems, but also affect other aspects.

once I bought a dress from the internet. Seller is very generous, there are a lot of gifts, what belts, socks, scales, gloves, etc.. There are four, perhaps a lot of customers will be attracted, in addition to this, there is a single praise. It reads: "if there is praise, then back to cash 2 yuan. If there is a real map, immediately returned 5 yuan." This temptation is too much, but the clothes only a few dozen dollars, less than one hundred.

, however, the quality of the clothes is not good, although he’s a lot of gifts and awards, I chose to return. Because the quality of the clothes is too bad. Through this thing, I was filled with a thousand regrets. The seller to sell goods, but he has to focus on those aspects of no great importance should be paid attention to, but the real quality is no guarantee that this is not simply? This approach is very undesirable, because the most important thing is to buy things or the quality of goods, rather than those gifts.

affected by this and stimulate, I pay special attention to the quality of their goods in the retail business. Although it can not be separated from some gifts and specialty services, but compared with the quality of goods, those are secondary.

once, a delivery agent to me at a very low price to sell a commodity, I was shaken, would like to use his goods. But suddenly think of my friend’s experience, my friend is also engaged in retail, he is the pursuit of small profits, with the smoke of tobacco dealers, the results of a quality problem. There is no guarantee of the quality of tobacco smoke in the quality, in addition to this practice is illegal. But a friend was easy, see the huge profits he will move the heart.

the results of customers frequently reflect the quality of the problem, at that moment, a friend was aware of the seriousness of the problem. However, through their years of hard work to create a reputation overnight collapsed. Later, even if he purchased from the formal channels, but also down the price, but customers still do not believe. Friends regret, blame their momentary greed is too strong, the only cause so much damage. Thinking of my friend, I immediately dismissed the idea.

most of the time, even if it doesn’t make money or earn less, it doesn’t matter. Because other commodities can make money, these goods together, then earn more. In addition, the quality of the supermarket can ensure that their long-term development, the quality of the supermarket is no guarantee of long-term development.


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