Retail stores to sell the Spring Festival business

Retail stores to sell the Spring Festival business

for a shop, want to do a good job, need to pay attention to what? Many shopkeepers may only need to do is think of goods delivery. In fact, the service is the foundation of the retail store. Especially in the commodity sales peak, service tends to become our retail customers’ weakness". The Spring Festival is a rare gold sales season of the year.

then, we busy retail customers purchase, sellers, delivery, it is easy to overlook the service and can not directly benefit from the move. In fact, although the service can not directly create benefits, but its hidden intangible benefits are immeasurable, so that the more in the Spring Festival this sales peak, the more we have to do a good job of service.

retail customer relationship of the Red Army in the spring supermarket commercial Street crossroads, but here flow together, the business is to improve service, as can be imagined, usually shut the boss hired three girls to help take care of the shop. With the Spring Festival approaching day by day, the sales volume is more and more big, people looked at stores such as tide, shut the boss in the crowed at the same time, also felt the pressure is more and more serious, because the store less manpower, all personnel on lianzhouzhuan and a little too, not to mention the door-to-door.

at this time, the Red Army around the phone call and contact the nearby colleges and universities, looking for a few students to do winter work, but because the contact is too late, the school had a holiday. Go to the market for seasonal workers, the asking price is too high, can be the boss to worry about the bad checks. Li Li has an idea or daughter-in-law, her home in the countryside, this is a slack period, then a telephone call to the home, a person with difficult people to help, so a greeting, a dozen relatives immediately came to help.

this one, the problem of service is solved, the boss put close relatives were divided into two groups, a group of services in the supermarket, and to deliver robust and strong. Although the store, such as tide, but the service is everything in good order and well arranged. Due to the good service work, but also attracted a lot of repeat customers, improve the reputation of the store.

I believe that many of the

retail store owner has such business experience, during the Spring Festival is the time shop business, the customer is also very much, but because the service is poor, resulting in customer complain, wait until the Spring Festival in the past, repeat is greatly reduced, the business is difficult to continue. So, if you want to make a lot of money during the Spring Festival in the retail store, you still need to do a good job of service oh.


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