Men’s clothing stores location of the four section is

Men’s clothing stores location of the four section is

clothing market has been so hot, and the women’s market is not the same as men’s market, the competition pressure slightly smaller, so the men’s stores are generally located in what place? Now the business district is where several lots, around the situation is not too bad, but the same business district location is to be overweight, it will come to you one by


City Central Business District

this is mainly in the center of the city’s most prosperous areas, the city’s main street runs through the meantime, gathered many famous men’s franchise stores and a variety of professional stores, etc.. For the apparel industry, must be in crowded places, this is the best choice.

the city traffic and transportation hub of the commercial street

this is the big city to commercial street, as clothing stores, buy clothes are in their leisure time, not in the rush to buy, so, in general, this is not the place for a clothing store. Stream of people. During the holidays, commuting time flow waves, men join site selection at these sites is to facilitate traffic shopping.

City Commercial Street and the edge of the commercial district

The commercial center of the commercial street of

residential area is located near the important railway station, which is smaller. For small men’s franchise stores in the urban residential areas is also very suitable to meet consumer demand. Mainly nearby residents, located in these locations is to facilitate the nearby clothing store nearby residents to buy.

The shopping center on the outskirts of

in addition to the three points above said, and last, of course, the analysis of small series may not be very good, there are still many shortcomings, I hope you do not mind, in the city traffic, parking difficulties, serious environmental pollution cases, a part of the city residents moved to the suburbs and the formation of a residential suburb, suburban residents to meet the shopping needs, many shops located in the vicinity of a residential suburb, forming a suburban shopping center. With a large number of private cars increased, the adjustment of highway development.

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