Music helps business

Music helps business

what factors will affect the customer’s purchasing behavior? I am afraid that any operator will be very concerned about the problem. A market researcher in the United States had an interesting experiment at the supermarket: how music affects the customer’s purchasing psychology.

The experimental results show that

customers often in conjunction with the music as the music tune, rhythm, beat per minute up to 108 when customers out of the store’s frequency is also accelerated, at this time, the store on average turnover of $12000; when the music rhythm is reduced to 60 beats per minute, customers to buy goods on the shelves will be a corresponding time the store can be extended, the average daily turnover increased to $16740, up 39.5%.

learned that this conclusion, a small supermarket in the southwest of the United States, please go to a special music division, select slow beat music in the supermarket to play, and indeed the turnover has been greatly improved. The implementation of this strategy, the supermarket’s annual turnover increased by more than 20%.

now shopkeepers are constantly upgrading their own, so that the product line is more abundant, but also continue to carry out a variety of promotional activities, nothing more than to help sales of goods, so that business is better. In fact, if you can strive to play music, in fact, will also help the store business development.

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