Shop to do business to lose

Shop to do business to lose

each person’s personality is different, for the loss will have their own views. Some people are preoccupied, do not eat a little loss. If it is to do business, such a character, I am afraid will lose more customers. It is said that the loss is a blessing, this sentence is actually the most common in our business. Shop business, the most important thing is popularity, what is the key to attract popularity. The following inventory a few losses win to bring popularity to the store.

free to provoke popular

Yang boss store, in addition to operating tobacco, but also run the special diet, his family’s Secret "Wei Ji flesh of a donkey" is known to every family in the local delicacy. As the saying goes: the sky dragon meat, on the flesh of a donkey. Rare, although the authentic local flavor is good stuff, but to visit one or a few.

he often saw in the supermarket has a free tasting area, and also played a sign in front of the door, saying "Wei Ji banner free tasting flesh of a donkey". This trick really attracted a lot of diners, passing pedestrians to the store to see, is not really a free running free to eat flesh of a donkey, and the flesh of a donkey.

The flesh of a donkey

have a high quality, make people unable to hide greeds before leaving will, take some home cooking. Whenever a guest, must to the flesh of a donkey with a plate of the best, this is the master more sincerity. The seemingly hard bargain, in fact, Yang boss was the most clearly, the taste free to cooked flesh of a donkey, but also led to the sales, store tobacco sales, store sales also showed a gradual upward trend.

grab red earn popularity


the end of the year, businesses in order to eye-catching, in addition to inject vitality into the shop in the hardware facilities, and more and more businesses use the most popular WeChat grab red activities, bring popularity of shops.

Lee boss supermarket is located in the town center, the store business has been very prosperous. He said a small coup, thanks to several years, friends more, he used the WeChat set up a WeChat group, the group of friends and customers in the WeChat group. Every day in the group released in the shop more innovative products, as well as various promotional activities in the store. Of course, if every day is the same, the WeChat group will not have too much attention.

Lee boss from time to time in the group issued a few red envelopes, suddenly the atmosphere in the group rose up. A consulting shop listing of the cigarette, there are other goods such as consulting wedding wine. As long as the consumption of a certain amount of goods in the store, but also to customers back to red envelopes". Especially young people, then the new thing is relatively strong, but also to recommend the WeChat group to friends. With the increase in the circle of people, the store’s popularity is also high, of course, more and more business


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