Railway freight demand can be accepted Online

Railway freight demand can be accepted Online

since September 20th, in order to further improve the level of freight services, the national railway freight demand online trial will be implemented, will promote the real goods system transport organization, expand the whole logistics services.

online acceptance is that customers can handle cargo business through the Internet, home can be reported to transport demand. "Full service" is the customer to mention the railway transport demand, but also can be made together, to the ends of the supporting logistics needs, get the door to door service. "Voluntary choice" is that customers can handle the freight business on the Internet, but also to the business hall of the station (business outlets) for business, through which way to handle business, by the customer to choose. Open and transparent, is the direct docking of goods and transport capacity, remove the intermediate links, to achieve automatic acceptance.

remind the railway sector for freight business through the Internet, you can login China railway customer service center website (www.12306.cn), enter the China railway freight e-commerce platform, and then follow the prompts for gradually. For the first time, the first real name registration. During the trial run, freight e-commerce platform to accept the freight business time is initially determined to be 8:00 to 20:00 per day, the specific time to China Railway Customer Service Center website announcement shall prevail. In the process of doubt, you can call the national unified customer service telephone 12306 consultation. (author: Ni Xiaoying)




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