Xining city will invest heavily in the new health South Primary School

Xining city will invest heavily in the new health South Primary School

reporter from the East District Education Bureau, plans a total investment of 60 million Yuan Kang Nan primary school will be published this month in the Nanshan Road East extension started, this is the second North Street Primary School school safety project started in September this year, the city launched another focus of education Huimin project.

It is reported that

, with the expansion of city of our city to improve the implementation of the strategy and accelerate the transformation of the old city, Nanshan Road East extension has opened at the end of last year, the road on both sides of the resettlement area has completed the planning, which is located in Cao Zhai Road and South Road Interchange in Xining city affordable housing the two phase of the project has been basically completed. It is estimated that there will be more than 5000 households in the next year, at the same time, the surrounding residential construction are wildly beating gongs and drums…… The implementation of the New South primary school project, can ensure that the (South) area of the new resident children can learn, learn well, and can effectively alleviate the huge pressure from Kang Nan area, improve and enhance the level of education in the East district. According to reports, the New South primary school covers an area of 30 acres, planning the construction area of 12 thousand square meters, designed for each class of students standardized school, can accommodate up to 1350 students. In the construction of 60 million yuan of funds, the provincial special funds accounted for $40 million, the city’s self financing accounted for 20 million yuan. (by boat)



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