Xining patriotic sanitation inspection found extensive use of plastic bags into several empty plasti

Xining patriotic sanitation inspection found extensive use of plastic bags into several empty plasti

these two days, the weather in Xining mostly cloudy, sometimes accompanied by strong winds, wind whips, flying plastic bags became the provincial capital remediation difficult, which makes the daily rush in the cleaning line and Xining city sanitation workers love health office staff headache.

is now a headache is still a lot of people with plastic bags, it is very difficult to clean up. In windy weather, plastic bags are often blown everywhere." In front of the street cleaning sanitation workers Li Yumei said. Indeed, in the near future, Xining City Health Office in health inspection found that due to the arrival of the peak season of consumption, the use of plastic bags is also rising day by day, resulting in the health status of the building has become an important point of rectification work. "Plastic limit order ‘is not’ plastic ban ‘, but restricted use, paid use, so it is difficult to manage. Therefore, we hope to strengthen the management of industry and Commerce and environmental protection departments, but also appealed to the general public and tourists as much as possible consciously use cloth bags or portable shopping baskets, to keep Xining clean and tidy." Xining City, said Zhan Jinyuan, director of the office of love.

from June 2008 onwards, the nationwide ban has been implemented for nearly two years, however, in the city of Xining, in addition to large shopping malls, supermarkets, many small supermarkets, pharmacies, farmers market, still provide free plastic bags for consumers. In May 7th, reporters learned in the provincial capital of the big supermarket and farmers market visits, public keen on plastic bags is still unabated, many supermarkets to buy plastic bags on the counter in front of the public in some markets, meet the eye everywhere; plastic bags are still free to use. In contrast, in the sea, Xing Mo street several bazaars, with a basket or bag shopping public than supermarkets, each basket or cloth bag, plastic bags do not see less, almost every kind of vegetables are classified into the plastic bag, hand There are plenty of people who carry four or five plastic bags. Because some vendors do not charge for plastic bags, many people will ask the seller to buy food when they set a bag.



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