Separate two children will bring together get birth

Separate two children will bring together get birth

On March 26th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy resolution. Since then, the province alone two child policy officially landed. This policy landing, the capital of China will not appear to get together fertility phenomenon, will not affect the province’s population control objectives, will not affect the economic and social development of our province? March 27th, Li Xiaodong, deputy director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission on the above issues in detail.

does not affect population control targets

According to Li Xiaodong

, our province to start implementation of the two separate child family planning policy, based on the existing birth population, will increase by about 12 thousand per year; cancel birth spacing, in the short term (2 to 3 years) will increase 10 thousand births per year, the average annual population growth rate can be controlled in nature less than 9.18 per thousand, the natural annual target population in our province is determined not to break the national economic and social development "in 12th Five-Year" in the planning of the growth rate of 9.8 per thousand.

will not get together in the short term fertility

Li Xiaodong said that due to the number of families in our province alone fertility quickly after the family and cancel birth spacing less, plus the separate couples and the birth of two children couples most implementation of birth control measures, and no fertility and other reasons, is expected to nearly two or three years will not form the accumulation of fertility, which together fertility trends.

has little effect on the development of economy and society

Li Xiaodong said that the fertility policy adjustments, is expected to "12th Five-Year" at the end, the province’s total population will reach 6 million 100 thousand, will not be too big for education, health, employment and career development, to achieve the province’s "12th Five-Year" does not affect the economic and social development goals.

population and economic and social development risk controllable

According to Li Xiaodong

, in general, the population development of our province economy, society, resources and environmental pressures still exist, but from the forecast analysis, the adjustment of fertility policy coverage is relatively small, the risk of small population and economic and social development. Provincial Health Planning Commission also possible risks, the development of a policy implementation of risk prevention and control plan, so that risk control.



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